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Here at Havsluv Havanese we love everything about the Havanese breed. From their outgoing personalities to their eager to please nature. They are not only super smart, but are not a yappy breed like most small dogs. Once you own a Havanese you will want no other breed of dog.

Havanese are a low/non-shedding breed much like a Poodle and therefore good for people with allergies. My son has severe asthma and has never had a problem. Havanese are a beautiful breed, very easy to fall in love with. They are great with everyone regardless of age, and get on really well with other dogs and animals. They love to play with the kids as well as sit with you watching TV.

At Havsluv, we believe that every one of our Havanese are part of the family and therefore they are very well socialised with not only other dogs, but children of all ages. They even have nicknames!

I have been involved with animals, particularly dogs, my entire life. In my younger years, I volunteered for the local rescue shelter and pound in Stockton, California. I currently hold a Certificate II and III in Animal Studies and have worked for a vet here in the Illawarra.

In our family, we have 20+ years of experience showing and grooming dogs. I am available day or night for any of your concerns.

Located near the beautiful southern beaches of Wollongong, our dogs regularly come to the beach with us.

Watch this short video on the Havanese breed

Tex at 10 weeks 

Harley waving hello

Enjoying the beach

We are glamorous 

Ted is Pet of the Week in New Idea magazine

We love to play dress up

We have endless patience 

and love children

We are super smart

We will stay with you through thick and thin

We can be cheeky

We are very loyal

Blowing Bubbles